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In a male dominant society, the way women have stood up for their right is very commendable. In business also, women are making their name and identity and are running their businesses as good as any male businessman.  Running a salon is a dream of many women who want to earn good revenues through it, have their salons loaded with customers and there are also many talented stylists working under them. Being the boss in a salon can be a tough job considering the amount of motivation the staff needs and it can only come from the behavior and leadership qualities of the boss.

“Eyelash extensions” is one of the most sensible services in a salon business and owners are the most conscious about it. The clients are so picky and choosy that they do not even want to imagine their eyelashes being extended by some other stylist. If you have provided eyelash extension classes or eyelash extension training to your employees then you would not want to let them go but this can make your employees forget that the owner set the rules not them. They might start considering you as a Bad Boss but this becomes necessary at times.

Being a boss also gives you the liberty and advantage to fire any employee anytime but this is not always an advantage. You have to consider many different aspects and matters before making a decision. Especially in a salon business, your trained staff especially eyelash extension specialist staff matters a lot and are of high value. They have their own fixed clients and firing them can also take your clients from you in worst cases when your employee has shared the contact details with the client.

Being a good boss or a bad boss is totally dependent on the nature and behavior of your salon staff. Even if you have provided them with comfortable work environment and all the facilities that are supposed to be present in a salon, you can still be a bad boss because of your rare harsh behavior towards them. It is always advisable to deal with matters in a lighter way and try to calm things down rather being harsh straight away and losing temperament. Being a good boss does not mean that you should tolerate lax and unprofessional behavior.

The line of respect and the salon`s rules should always be kept in mind and they should only be made by you not by the staff. After all, you are the boss and you own the salon. You sometimes, have to be harsh towards the staff because of the fact that most of the businesses fail because of the poor management and leadership skills of the salon owners. Even if they are your eyelash extensions experts, you should make them follow the rules of the salon. Since it is your salon, you also would not like to work in an unfriendly environment and will try to keep the work environment cool and friendly.