It is well known that every brand of eyelash extensions that starts offering training provides kits, sets up a practical part in most cases rarely keeps contact with their former students. Even more, many of those brands send many marketing emails showcasing their products and encouraging these students to buy, buy, buy. We know how hard it is to start a business and in many cases we’ve seen that the set up costs of running a business could be daunting and discouraging. At Temptation Lashes we take all the feedback seriously and one of the most common ones was “could you give me a discount so that my students can save?”, and that motivated us to support upcoming eyelash extension artists and we created our permanent 10% off for all the students from our trainers and academies that we are working with. If you are one of our trainers please let us know how we can help your business and your students.

Most recently, we entered a collaboration with the Ottawa Academy of Hair Dressing and Aesthetics and we are the proud supporter of these stylists. Further more, we decided to take action and to keep all our trainers up to date by organizing a free online class that will take part at the end of February. Our goal this year is to make training easy and available to everyone and to keep on providing lash artists with top quality products at reasonable prices.