Lash Hygrometer with weather forecast, alarm, calendar etc..

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Indoor Digital Room Thermometer/Hygrometer with accurate temperature gauge humidity monitor with alarm clock, calendar  and LCD Display ideal for your lash room or spa. For optimal curing (drying) and optimum adhesive results it is important to ensure the correct temperature and humidity levels. Eyelash adhesives are the most most effective when the room is at 45-55% humidity and a comfortable 21-22 degrees celsius.

  • Multi Function: Also with alarm clock and calendar function
  • Simple Humidity Indicator: Measures humidity range 10%~99%RH, accuracy ± 5%RH
  • Accurate Temperature Monitor: Measures temperature range -50℃~+70℃, accuracy ±1℃/1.8°F
  • Digital LCD Display: Easy to read, displays temperature humidity and time simultaneously.
  • Great Companion: Helps you keep an eye on the indoor temperature humidity, which is a perfect companion for your humidifier to ensure a comfortable lash space
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