Glue Storage Container – Air Tight and Weather Resistant


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Protect your Temptation Lashes’ adhesives with our black air tight container. Humidity and weather conditions could play a role in the shelf life of your eyelash extensions glues, as well as the retention that they can provide. Depending on where you live and the conditions of your eyelash room, extreme humidity and extreme heat are the most common factors that affect retention and shelf life. Temptation Lashes glue storage container has the following features:

  1. is black to ensure that the adhesives are protected from direct sun light
  2. are air tight to keep the eyelash adhesives dry
  3. the lid provides a vacuum effect that squeezes out air when you close it
  4. fits 3 adhesives at a time

*product does not come with any adhesives or remover included. 

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