Boss up now! with Temptation Lashes ONLINE or IN CLASS continuing education available in English, French and Spanish.

Starting your own business has never been so easy. Our classes are geared for people NEW to the beauty industry as well as for EXPERIENCED professionals. With the possibility of taking the classes online or in our academy, Temptation Lashes offers you:

  1. the most comprehensive curriculum in the market
  2. great combination of theory and practice! Detailed video explanations as well as a manual
  3. 1:1 video conference with the trainer so that you can get all the support you need
  4. a certificate upon successful completion


Lash Lift and Tint Class

Start your career as a Lash Lift Specialist and offer your customers a service that will last them for 8 weeks, needs little maintenance, and gives them curly lashes. This service is great for people that have a busy lifestyle and can’t go to the beauty salon every 3 weeks for a refill. Also, lash lifts are incredibly popular with people that have naturally curly eyelashes yet they are straight that they do not give the eyes a feminine frame, or simply for people that want to take a break from eyelash extensions.

With Temptation Lashes online Lash Lift & Tint Class you will receive our Uptown Mega Lash Lift Kit as well as 1 pack of baby pink mascara brushes, 1 pack of pineapple brushes, 1 pack of flocked tip applicators, 1 tweezer, 10 gel patches and 10 glue rings. Plus! you’ll receive also a 1 hour video conference with a live trainer so that you can ask all your questions and get supervised training if you need. A certificate will be mailed to you no matter where you are in the world after you submit 1 picture of you doing the lash lift service, 1 before picture of you model and 1 after closeup picture of the result. Feel free to send a video instead. On top of that you will receive 15% off all eyelash supplies and 25% off your  next class with us.

Our curriculum:

What are lash lifts? *Product knowledge (lash lifting tools and solutions) * The difference between lash perms and lash lifts? * Prepping the eyelashes  *  Eyelash Cycle * Types of eyelash rods * Silicone Eyelash Rods * Cotton Eyelash Rods * Troubleshooting * What to do when lashes don’t curl? * Clients with eye conditions * When to say “no” * Allergies and Patch Tests * Maintenance * Step by Step Tutorial * Timing * Eye patching * Applying the rods or shields * How to tint eyelashes? * Aftercare * Sanitation procedures *


If you have what it takes to take your career to the next level, then becoming an eyelash extension trainer is your NEXT STEP!


Take your career to a new height and share your knowledge and passion with talented individuals that, like you, are ready to become successful business owners. Temptation Lashes' Master Eyelash Extension Trainer Certificate involves not only the ability to perform professional full sets, or adding at least 100 lashes in an hours time, or having a profitable practice but also knowing how to teach the knowledge that you've got. It is widely known that being good at something is only the first step of being able to teach it, however to be able to actually get your message through and become not just a good but rather GREAT instructor you'll require: patience, respect for the profession and for others, setting high expectations for your students, leadership, professionalism, constant learning and the ability to “shift gears” if necessary when you realize that your student needs further clarification or teaching method.



Temptation Lashes' Master Eyelash Extension Trainer Certification is for professional eyelash stylists who are committed to a 1 or 2 day intensive training that will give you innovative eyelash extensions techniques as well as teaching techniques to add to your credentials.




-Eyelash Extensions 1:1 and volume applications

-Portfolio Review

-2D and 3D eyelash extensions – The secret behind thicker applications

-student basic point of pressure review– European Technique

-double dexterity



**Learn to teach PRACTICAL 1**

-positive reinforcements – learn how to put together theory, images and practical skills for successful eyelash extension teaching

-2D and 3D applications – choosing the right natural lashes (Vademecum teaching examples)

-Russian Volume, Volume Lashes, Pandora lashes, 4D and 5D – working with multi layered extensions -troubleshooting when thick is too thick

-Individual removals and full removals



**Learn to teach PRACTICAL 2**

-Connecting layers – how to successfully teach double layer techniques and how to pre-fan lashes

-The art of teaching eyelash extension enhancements: color lashes, designs, hologram lashes, and rhinestones

-Cashmere Flat lashes – making hybrid* eyelash extensions work for you

-Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions – when natural meets volume

-Eyebrow Extensions – Does the perfect eyebrow exists?

-Advanced techniques in eyebrow design with basic eyebrow tweezing and threading (threading mini workshop is included)



**Learn to teach PRACTICAL 3**

-Business start ups – teaching an intro in social media: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

-Making yourself stand out! : business cards, business name and website, advertising and trade shows

-The importance of product knowledge in a busy market: representing a brand, being local and experiencing the international trends

-Networking and “tribalization” in the beauty industry – bringing technicians together




-Students that have been previously trained by another recognized brand are required to provide a photocopy of their certificate (minimum 6 months required)

-disclose their eyelash extension services timing (minimum 1.5 hrs for full sets)

-provide pictures of 3 clients' full sets (minimum 100 lashes per eye) : before and after with eyes open and closed




-1 professional training manual 

-student registration documentation (consent forms, sign in forms, evaluation forms and grading charts)

-student manuals (3)

-1 kit of 15 items of your choice



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